C2V Aug 2020 Notes from the Trenches

Hello and welcome!  Not even the feeble cry for help that is the current Red Sox pitching staff can keep Chris and Matt down.

In fact, the unprecedented overlap of every major global sport we’re about to experience may explode Matt’s head with delight (rumor has it he even kind of enjoys the fake stadium soundtrack the NBA is pumping into its fanless games).  

And of course, things continue to hum at C2V, as we continue to see outstanding new companies emerging from the otherwise hot mess of 2020, so let’s get into it!

Our 10th Investment

Our latest investment is a fintech company focused on a $30 billion segment of the insurance industry that has seen little to no innovation for several decades. 

This sector continues to rely on old fashioned, mostly manual underwriting processes that ignore critical safety innovations in their industry, resulting in increasingly uncompetitive pricing and shrinking profit margins.

Our new portfolio company – the creation of co-founders whose combined experience includes more than two decades running tech startups with more than two decades in the insurance brokerage business – has built out a proprietary data set with more than a billion new data points and an accompanying underwriting process that allows them to more accurately segment the market into different risk tiers.

Their new risk scoring methodology gives them upwards of a 25% pricing advantage for the lowest risk tiers, with 30-50% improvements in combined loss and underwriting expense ratios.

We’re excited about what’s in store for this team. Stay on the lookout for more specific details ;) 

Introducing C2V Interns Thea & John

We’re excited to welcome Thea and John to the team!

Thea is originally from Boston and graduated from the University of Pittsburgh. If she’s not at the beach with friends, you can find her with her two French puppies.

John is a rising senior at Vanderbilt University. Along with his interest in finance, John also has a passion for music which has grown from him singing opera to being a music producer at the House of Romero.

C2V & Portfolio Press

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Superpowers Podcast with GM Global CMO

In the latest superpowers podcast, we caught up with Deborah Wahl, Global CMO of General Motors.

 From Detroit to France and back to Detroit, Deb has become one of the most admired marketing leaders. She discusses taking calculated risks and living fearlessly.

Are Money and Power Shifting Towards Millenials?

According to a recent CNBC article, Companies should “watch out” for millennials when it comes to how environmental, social and governance  (ESG)issues influence where they invest their money.

Around $24 trillion of wealth, in the U.S. alone, was in the process of being transferred to millennials from baby boomers and older generations.

This power transfer puts an even greater onus on how companies should navigate ESG issues moving forward.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the rest of your summer and we’ll be back next month.