C2V Aug 2021 Notes from the Trenches

Happy summer! We’re keeping it light this month as we (and hopefully all of you) take our first real vacations since before we knew what a coronavirus was.

As we take in the great outdoors from Maine to North Carolina (and a brief detour to Red Rocks), here are some C2V goings on to look forward to over our coming newsletters:

  • Investment number two from our second fund

  • The launch of our first pre-seed feeder fund

  • A couple of Series A rounds for our portfolio companies

  • 18 months of grueling Jazzercise classes finally culminating in the launch of Chris’s new TikTok dance channel

(Okay, one of those might not really be coming – we just wanted to see if you’re still paying attention).

Until then, enjoy your remaining summers, stay safe and if you haven’t already, please, please get vaccinated (if not for you, than for society at large).

Portfolio Companies in the News

Other C2V News

Chris put out another episode of his Superpowers Podcast. He chatted with Andy Dunn, the co-founder of Bonobos, and discussed the human behind the engineer.

Chris also joined Sam Frankfort on Dentons’ Family Office Intel Podcast.

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