An Honest Perspective from the Startup Frontlines

If you’re a startup founder, let this newsletter be your guide. In the Trenches provides Startup and funding commentary and advice from the perspective of founders, CEOs, and VCs on the frontlines.

We’re here because of the statistic that 75% of today’s startups fail, and more importantly, the pervasive view that this outcome is inevitable. C2 Ventures wants to change this misconception. 

Our experience and a growing body of research have shown that most startup failures are due to basic early-stage execution and management mistakes that are avoidable.

These are mistakes that engaged advisors and investors can, and should, be able to help founders avoid. We hope this helps illustrate our belief in the early-stage community’s potential for increasing startup success rates. It is not just a tagline or even an idea supported only by anecdotal evidence from a limited data set. It’s real, there is a solution, and we aim to be part of that solution.

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